The Use of AI in Boxing as a Sporting Industry

The Use of AI in Boxing as a Sporting Industry

New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have entirely transformed the world. AI is generating significant changes in sports such as boxing for boxing predictions.

Computer vision, automated journalism, marketing, and wearable technologies are a few examples of AI’s significant applications in the sports industry today. It can monitor athletes’ performance and enhance their health by advising them to prevent being tired or injured.

AI Was Used to Detect Corrupt Officials

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) used artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate judges and referees before assigning them to oversee the current men’s world championships and to rebuild its reputation following corruption charges.

Using an artificial intelligence-based speech analysis system, an automated phone quiz identified whether a person posed a low, medium, or great danger. No official was unwilling to go through the process, which included asking callers questions such as “Have you ever cheated in a boxing match?” to determine their cognitive function.

AIBA wanted a fair men’s world championship in Belgrade, so they enlisted the assistance of boxing veteran Roy Jones Jr. In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Jones Jr. lost a historic bout against a South Korean due to a poor ruling by the judges.

Richard McLaren, an expert on sports integrity and AIBA advisor, asserts that the technology has “nothing to do” with lie detector tests and is utilized by the military, diplomatic community, and insurance business to examine the “cognitive functioning of the brain through vocal replies.”

A few weeks before the event in Belgrade, the first stage was to deploy cyber technology sanctioned by the military to investigate the backgrounds of potential authorities. The McLaren crew was given access to social media profiles, business interests, and other red flags. 

The automated phone survey was administered as part of the second phase, which included follow-up interviews.

AI-powered Wearable In Boxing

With the help of PiQ Sport Intelligence, artificial intelligence is making its way into sportswear. A few years ago, it collaborated with Everlast, which produces the most excellent boxing equipment in the world, to implement its technology in boxing.

As a result of their collaboration, they will launch an app and a product with the Everlast and PIQ names. This will be the first wearable device with artificial intelligence to aid boxers in real-time analysis and application of the Winning Factors.

Everlast and PIQ’s multi-algorithm machine-learning intelligence is founded on fundamental and applied research. Now that technology can comprehend and evaluate even the tiniest alterations in boxing techniques, it is an excellent tool for workouts and training.

In boxing, science and data have not been utilized extensively to assist athletes in performing their best. As with other PiQ devices, the wearable (and accompanying software) will enable boxers to determine and employ the optimal form in real time.

The benefits become much more apparent when boxers connect the PiQ Robot to their smartphone. They can determine their strength based on the force and velocity of their punches. Then, these factors can be utilized to enhance performance.

The data analysis is displayed on the Piq app and indicates the speed and power of your movements. It also calculates your “winning factor” by comparing your current sessions to ones you’ve completed previously. This helps you determine which punch is the key to ring success.

Everlast has created a wrist strap for boxers to keep their gloves in place. Additionally, the device and strap are designed to fit nicely beneath a set of boxing gloves. In this way, they have no negative impact on performance and will enhance the ease of boxing predictions tonight.


Almost every major sports league could use more marketing to maximize their resources and boost their return on investment at any time (ROI). A marketing campaign will always require human innovation, and AI can help these individuals reach their objectives.

Many of the most fundamental tasks that people perform can be taken over by technology, such as evaluating customer data to create campaigns that suit the context of where consumer preferences are trending.

AI can also assist with content creation, which is another marketing strategy. In addition, the system can track the performance of material to determine the success of a campaign.

Streaming and Broadcasting

Using AI technologies, broadcasters can select specific highlights from the footage captured by the game’s cameras. This has a significant effect on how sporting events are monetized. It can also display live events with subtitles in the viewers’ native language. In sports marketing, 

AI will determine the optimal camera angles throughout the boxing bout and during highlights and replays. AI can also provide statistics to commentators, enabling them to provide better live analysis and real boxing picks.


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