6 Original Ideas To Create A Newsletter For Your Hotel

6 Original Ideas To Create A Newsletter For Your Hotel

The hotel industry knows very well how important it is to take care of and maintain contact with its customers. This loyalty process requires many factors and one of the most important is the creation of a periodic and interesting communication that contains relevant information for your customers and suppliers or, rather, the sending of a newsletter and email marketing strategies .

As we have commented in previous  posts , a  newsletter is a digital publication that is distributed by email with a certain periodicity (weekly, biweekly, quarterly …), and that is made up of articles of interest to subscribers about the brand or the sector in the one that moves, and accompanied by an offer or link to an exclusive content or a product / service. 

All recipients of this communication are subscribers who have previously shown interest in the brand and have voluntarily agreed to receive this information. Currently, users are saturated with receiving a bombardment of information, so if you really want to reach your customers, it is essential to develop a really attractive content . If you are thinking of launching a newsletter for your hotel, below we offer you six original ideas with which to surprise your regular customers and attract the attention of potential users:

  1. Promote the contents of your blog

    One of the fundamental characteristics of a newsletter is to offer information of interest and value . This way you will give the user a non-commercial reason to keep up to date with the news of your hotel. For this reason, one of the highly relevant content that you can include is the blog updates on your website , providing expanded data on a specific topic related to the hotel sector. The topics that most attract the attention of users in relation to tourism are places of interest, weekend plans in different cities and dream destinations.

  2. Send offers and promotions

    But in a moderate, discreet and unsaturated way. Users are tired of receiving advertising in their inboxes, so you must give some personalization and exclusivity to the offer that you are going to send. Your client should feel rewarded for being faithful to your content and, at that moment, he will become a very attractive hook. You can offer exclusive discounts or coupons for subscribing to the blog, for making the first reservation, for recommending the hotel to friends and family or for receiving the newsletter. In the latter cases, they must develop a personalized offer for each user.

  3. Launch contests to attract new customers and build loyalty

    Today there are many people who are looking forward to traveling and staying in hotels again. The contests are a great attraction , especially in this sector. To give it more exclusivity, you can organize it only for people who have previously stayed at your hotel or who already have a reservation made. Raise a topic that will help you obtain more information about your customers, what caught your attention the most about our hotel? ” or asks a generic question that, in addition, helps you to implement the quality of the service, “what do you enjoy the most when you stay in a hotel?” It is an important source of information about your clients that will allow you to better define their profile.

  4. Launch joint initiatives with other companies in the sector

    If you have a good relationship with suppliers or other companies in the hotel sector, suggest that they participate in your newsletter by offering them a small space where they can insert their content related to the hotel and even the possibility of running contests, experiences or joint promotions .

  5. Satisfaction surveys

    If you want to offer the best possible treatment to your clients, listen to them! . Reading negative comments is not a dish of good taste, but with a good focus, they can help you improve weaknesses and implement the service. Therefore, from time to time, do the exercise of asking users how they have felt in your hotel and, after evaluating the answers, communicate the best valued aspects and ideas for improvement.

  6. Remember the important dates to send congratulations to your clients

    The personalization of the contents is one of the factors that can play the most in your favor. Develop a database with the birthdays of your clients and reward them with a discount coupon on such a special date. It is a detail that is greatly appreciated and a great loyalty strategy.


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