India is considered as the third-largest electricity producer in the world. As of December 31, 2021, India’s national electric grid had an installed capacity of 393.389 GW. Renewable energy plants, including big hydropower plants, account for 37% of India’s total installed capacity.

Meaning of energy audit service :

Energy auditing is an essential component of the whole management process. The energy manager requires a detailed information base to work from when proposing various courses of action and evaluating their consequences. An energy audit attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and it serves to identify all the energy streams in the system and quantifies energy usages according to its discrete function.

An energy audit is a useful tool for creating and implementing comprehensive energy management plans. In contrast to financial audit, which emphasizes maintaining regularity, it takes a constructive approach aimed at ongoing improvement in energy usage. Questions like, What to do, where to start, at what expense, and for what benefits are answered by an energy audit.

It has been determined that energy savings of 15 to 30 percent can be achieved by optimizing energy consumption through better housekeeping, low-cost retrofitting measures, and the use of energy-efficient equipment when replacing equipment. When compared to its counterparts in affluent countries, Indian industry utilizes more energy.

Purpose of Energy Audit :

The energy audit offers the critical information base for an overall energy conservation programme, which entails analyzing energy usage and evaluating energy conservation strategies.

It focuses at :-

  1. Analyzing current energy consumption patterns in various cost centers of activities
  2. Establishing a link between energy inputs and outputs

iii. Identifying thermal and electrical energy economy prospects.

  1. Emphasizing waste in key areas
  2. Determining possible energy savings targets for individual cost centers
  3. Energy conservation and cost-cutting measures are implemented and savings are realized.

Approach of energy audit :

The following activities contribute to the overarching goals of the Energy Audit

  1. Identifying areas for improvement and developing energy conservation strategies that need little or minimal expenditure through system enhancements and operations optimization.
  2. Identifying areas that require significant investment, such as the addition of contemporary energy-efficient equipment and the upgrading of current equipment.

Merits of using Energy Audit Services :

An energy audit is recommended to identify a facility’s energy use as well as the potential savings connected with that consumption.

An energy audit, in general, provides substantial benefits in a variety of sectors.

  • It benefits  in the contraction of your facility’s energy costs.
  • The competitiveness of your organization will improve when production expenses are reduced.
  • It aids in the reduction of pollutants and environmental damage.
  • It has the potential to improve the security of your energy supply.
  • It has the potential to lessen the use of natural resources.
  • It has the potential to alleviate environmental damage caused by resource exploitation.
  • It avails in the lightening of greenhouse gas emissions.

At a high level, the following are some of the primary advantages of doing an energy audit:

  • It creates depletion of energy costs.
  • It allows you to improve the facility’s comfort for individuals who use it.
  • It assists you in extending the life of your facility’s equipment.
  • It identifies any unaccounted for consumption at the institution.

In conclusion, an energy audit can identify the facility’s energy usage and expenses, and it can change over time to design strategies to minimize waste, increase efficiency, and optimize supply energy.

Best Energy Audit Services in India :

  1. SAS powertech power optimization solutions 
  2. Sea energy pvt ltd
  3. Padmashtdal energy services pvt ltd
  4. Devki Energy Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  5. A-Z Energy Engineers Private Limited

India consists of various electrical companies that provide energy audit services and other various electrical services and solutions, but SAS powertech pvt ltd is one of the most promising and trusted electrical service companies in India. 

Types of Various Energy Audit Services delivered by SAS powertech :

Overall  Energy Audit Level -1 &2

Level – 1 is a walk-through audit of the site undertaken by our auditor, which includes a review of the facility’s available energy data to identify any chances for energy reduction as well as areas that require further investigation.

Level – 2  A Comprehensive Energy Audit at Level 2 entails a deeper analysis into the utilities and the participation of numerous Subject Matter Experts from mechanical, thermal, HVAC, and compressed air systems.This study provides practical energy saving solutions with a proven return on investment. Advanced testing and measuring equipment, as well as teams of specialists and engineers, will be used in this study.

Thermal system efficiency study :

The efficiency of thermal and HVAC systems, as well as their ancillaries, is investigated. A detailed demand study of important sectors is conducted to calculate HVAC capacity requirements. Check your energy use and make sure your HVAC system is up to par. Experts on staff weigh in on possible energy savings in this region.

Study of sea breeze leakage detection:

This research involves employing a high-frequency leakage detecting device to inspect compressed air piping. This study aids in the estimation of compressed air distribution losses and should be performed annually for functioning facilities.

SAS powertech also supply other electrical services like :-

  • Power Electronic Services
  • Energy Audit Service
  • Electrical services
  • Special Services
  • Other Services

Conclusion :

Lastly ,energy auditing will assist consumers in (i) mapping their household’s energy usage, (ii) conserving energy, (iii) improving energy efficiency, and (iv) maximizing their household’s energy and cost savings.

Saspowertech is one of the BEST ENERGY AUDIT SERVICES In india .

They provide an efficient ,excellent, trustworthy way of services regarding Energy Audit .


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