Top 6 Reputation Marketing Examples

Top 6 Reputation Marketing Examples

The positioning of companies today is all about reputation marketing examples. Being in the minds of users has to do with the reputation of these brands in the market. The best examples of reputation marketing are those that manage to satisfy the needs of customers, but at the same time provide extra value that makes them stand out from their competition.

Reputation marketing examples are in various places and companies. Not only is it enough to generate large amounts of sales or profits to be among the best positioned brands. Building truly authentic businesses is a matter of time, work, and perseverance.

If a reputational marketing strategy is implemented in a positive way, it offers a strengthening of the relationship between the client and the brand. In the same way, it strengthens the social license of the business and can even shield the company from possible crises in the future. The best examples of reputation marketing are those that can bring together not only good sales, but good customer perception.

Learn more about reputation marketing examples

Reputation marketing can be defined as the set of actions that are totally focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders. This applies to any type of business, theme or company. Reputational marketing examples are those that employ techniques to develop and maintain a good position in the minds of customers .

Engaging in a conversation with customers, answering questions they may have about a product or service are some of the things that add extra value and are well valued. The ultimate goal is to add extra value to the company.

And it is that customers are willing to invest their money in companies that have been unique with them and that have shown exemplary behavior. Among these you can find companies committed to the environment, climate change, animals, etc.

Benefits of reputation marketing

Among the benefits of reputation marketing examples are that they offer good performance to the company in terms of sales and positioning . One of the main benefits is to make the company more attractive and profitable.

This happens because it is the same customers who begin to recommend the brand among their circle of friends. With this, the brand stands out far beyond the sales it may have. The organic advertising that can create these kinds of benefits attracts many more consumers.

Organizations with a solid reputation have many more opportunities to focus on growth and innovation of new products or services. These can be considered significant returns and created responsibly. Organizations that listen to their audience can innovate much faster.

A company that has a good reputation with consumers or prospects tends to retain and in turn attract the best human talent for its employee lineup. This happens because the new generations are looking for jobs that can generate positive impacts in their communities.

Most common steps to start reputation marketing

The following are 4 very important factors to consider when putting reputation marketing examples into practice.

A.- Audit content

Inventories and auditing are not something new in companies, but to know if a company has good examples of reputation marketing you should check if its content is communicating what its values , mission and vision are. All comments left by customers should be reviewed and the editorial content of the brand analyzed.

B.- Follow-up of conversations

Once customers have an experience with the brand, they form a position that can be good or bad. The company must keep track of all conversations to understand how the company is perceived and to find leads. Marketing and communication teams play a clear role in obtaining good examples of reputation marketing.

C.- Experts in reputation marketing

Every business should have a significant communication plan in place to allow feedback between stakeholders and the company. This is where the experts must step in to achieve the best reputational results.

Someone is needed to measure, analyze, manage and monitor reputation marketing examples. Famous marketers need to have some authority within organizations to integrate the information to convey the content of the particular brand.

D.- Consistency: reputation marketing examples

Good communication is essential. All members of a company must know the mission and purpose of a particular brand. They also need to know what individual role they play within the brand. Knowing the reputation of a brand by members is important to make every effort to make it grow even more.

The best reputation marketing examples

These are some examples of reputation marketing, the most important to understand how reputation works in companies.

1.- Apple: examples of reputational innovation marketing

Apple is one of the most innovative brands in the world today. Its products are very well positioned for their quality, durability and efficiency in their functions.

In one of its most recent advertising videos, Apple shows what it’s like to have a good reputation. And it is that at no time does the company show an important copy of text or anything like that, nor does it show purchase information. Just show a video that splashes in innovation. It is the new Ipad of the company that is comparable to a desktop computer.

2.- Samsung

The truth is that this does not happen with Samsung, since it has a history of quality and good products behind it that supports it against the competition.

It is no coincidence that Samsung’s Android phones are the best sellers in the world. Only in the United States, France and Australia, Apple dominates the mobile market, in the rest of the planet Samsung is the leader.

3.- Apple tracking service

As with its innovative products, it also does so with the issue of security. The American company founded by Steve Jobs now competes inch by inch with Facebook and Google for the security and privacy of the data stored on their devices.

Apple has not kept a secret and has disclosed everything that is working to help the user maintain a secret profile from the world. This makes the user feel safe and important.

4.- Lacoste: reputation marketing examples

The luxury apparel brand announced in 2018 that it was launching a new campaign in favor of the environment and endangered animals. In this case, he released his shirts without the famous lizard logo. In a literal way, the clothing brand was shedding its main logo and signature.

Everything that happened was part of a marketing plan where they wanted to encourage the care of endangered species by replacing the lizard with other animals in their clothes. Among the animals that appeared were the Gulf of California porpoise, the Burmese tortoise, the rhinoceros, the parrot, the California condor, the Sumatran tiger and the Anegada island cyclone.

This move positions the brand in front of its competition by granting an extra value or a bonus for the services offered. People see Lacoste now as a company committed to the environment and animals, something that anyone would be willing to relate to.

5.- Burger King

In the week of LGBT pride in the city of San Francisco, Burger King invited different people to try a hamburger that came wrapped in a multicolored paper like the LGBT flag. When guests questioned why the food was wrapped in color, the employees told them that they were all the same on the inside.

In other words, it is the same hamburger wrapped in a very different paper. What changes is the packaging. This campaign ended up generating almost 1.2 million interactions on social media and was even number one on Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the best examples of reputation marketing.

6.- Procter & Gamble

This is another of the examples of marketing with a very good reputation where the brand launched a campaign where it mixed the latest Olympics and the work of mothers as creators and disseminated the message of sport. The initiative is a recognition of all the work of mothers in training athletes in their different disciplines.


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