Lead generation B2B in Social Networks: 8 techniques that will bring you new clients

Lead generation B2B in Social Networks: 8 techniques that will bring you new clients

Applying a good B2B lead generation strategy on social media is very important and is one of the main objectives of marketing teams today. A lead is not a simple potential client that has been found randomly, it is a person who is only one step away from becoming a client for the brand.

For this reason, working on B2B lead generation strategies in social networks is essential, above all, as it is the basis of a B2B marketing strategy . This allows companies to obtain quality leads that will help maintain stable and constant growth over time.

In this sense, social networks are an indispensable channel in attracting potential customers, since they help to give visibility to the brand against the competition and to establish a two-way dialogue with users. If you want to learn how to implement B2B lead generation strategies in social networks, below you will find the best techniques and some very useful tips for the success of your company in the future.

Lead generation B2B in Social Networks: reach the heart of your potential customers

A lead is a user who has expressed an interest in the products or services that a company offers and who has had a first approach with the brand. In general, this has already shared their data with the company, it can be their email, telephone, etc.

The target audience in this type of strategy is other companies, so the channels and content must be appropriate for this specific type of marketing. For example, it is very common in the B2B environment to implement actions on social networks such as Linkedin. Likewise, content aimed at business customers also often differs from those aimed at the end consumer.

If it is understood that lead generation is based on expanding the database with the data of potential customers who are really interested in buying or acquiring its products or services, it is clear that personalization is of vital importance.

The objective of Lead generation B2B campaigns on social networks should therefore be to awaken interest and generate emotions such as trust . For this, even if they are business clients, it will be important not to focus on purely commercial strategies or limit yourself to the corporate tone, but also incorporate disciplines such as Inbound Marketing .

How to generate B2B leads on social media?

A fundamental point that cannot be missing in any effective social media strategy is to be attractive to the audience. For a content to work it must be relevant to the target audience it is directed to, it must have extra value. A key to achieving this is to awaken emotion in the message. To do this, a step that must be taken is to analyze customers, what their needs are and know what they are looking for.

The contents should focus on solving a problem. It is not enough for a content to be fun, it must solve a problem or a question in potential customers. It should also attract people’s attention, be it for the content, your images, your copy etc.

Some strategies for Lead generation B2B in Social Networks

The following are just some of the strategies that can be very effective when it comes to carrying a message on social networks and attracting new leads:

A.- Be brief in the publications

To keep potential customers interested, it is important to keep your message short, but also very powerful. This way you avoid that people simply do not read the content or lose interest very easily.

To implement a Lead generation B2B strategy in social networks, it is important to keep in mind that 100% of the information will come through the visual part. The idea is to get the content to stand out from the competition, but for this to add value to the user. Posts that use images on Twitter or Facebook have a higher probability of getting more engagement .

B.- Make sure that the contents comply with these requirements

There are some criteria that must be met to be successful when applying a Lead generation B2B strategy on social media:

  • Act: Everything that is published on social networks must have a powerful and quality CTA. This should guide people from brand awareness to the next step in the conversion funnel .
  • Connection: You have to make sure that the content is 100% consistent with what you are doing. You should not act independently of everything else.
  • Be useful: Under the premise that you are in business to solve problems, content on social media should add extra value, like providing integrated customer support via social networks. It should serve as inspiration and information for the customer to make the decision to contact the company.
  • Shareability: In social networks it is essential to share everything that is done to give visibility to the content. All content produced must encourage sharing. This is an indispensable requirement for the Lead generation B2B in social networks.

C.- Use landing page for social networks

A very effective way to capture leads are landing pages . These types of tools work very well in convincing users to complete the conversion in order to collect the information and enlarge the database.

If you implement B2B lead generation campaigns on social networks through personalized ads, it is important to create landings. In addition, it is important to offer incentives in exchange for valuable personal information of the potential customer.

Other ways to apply the Lead generation B2B in social networks

There are also five other very important ways to generate leads on social networks and they are the following:

1.- Analyze in which networks you should be

The ideal is to have a presence on social networks where the target is present. In the case of the B2B sector, the most common are  Facebook and Linkedin. Although this does not mean that it is not appropriate to use others.

The important thing is to carry out an analysis of potential customers and discover which are the most appropriate channels to reach them. Similarly, it is important to adapt strategies and take advantage of the best features of each. For example, have a presence in the groups where the LinkedIn buyer persona is, or use their Sales Navigator option .

2.- Create a Social Media plan

Once you choose which social networks you are going to have a presence on, you have to follow a work plan that helps capture those leads. This will allow you to analyze and define what type of content is going to be published on each of the platforms.

The frequency of each publication, the days and the hours can be determined. You will also know what the ultimate goal of each strategy is.

3.- Use programming tools

Continuous updating is important for success in Lead generation B2B on social media. This task can take a long time to accomplish and therefore there are some tools to schedule content and have it published automatically.

Similarly, these platforms allow you to monitor keywords, trends or news in the B2B sector. They also offer the possibility of managing the comments and messages received in one place, which allows maintaining a more structured control of the accounts on the networks.

4.- Interact with potential customers

Being a B2B company does not mean that you do not have to interact with the other brand profiles. It must be borne in mind that those who make decisions within the different brands are people. Interacting with these people will increase leads exponentially.

Generating conversations , commenting on others’ posts, and mentioning them is a good way to include them in your marketing strategy . This way you gain trust and improve the relationship between the two parties. This will allow them to become an eventual customer.

5.- Analyze the results

Analyzing all the results is a good way to improve the Lead generation B2B strategy on social networks. In fact, it is absolutely essential to ensure long-term success. Some of the metrics you can look at are:

  • How many visits are reaching your social networks.
  • Which social network generates the most web traffic.
  • How many interactions generate the brand’s publications.
  • If the number of followers and contacts increases.

If the objective is to capture new leads, it is a priority that the content reaches more people, and that it does so in such a way that it captures the attention of users and makes an impact.

The strategies that have given the best results to focus all resources in that sector must be recognized. On the contrary, determining which strategies did not yield results is key and another type of content or strategy can be implemented to improve them.


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