How To Attract Traffic To Your Website?

How To Attract Traffic To Your Website?

The best ways and means to attract an audience to your website are:

Optimizing SEO will help your website have a higher ranking on pages of the same type or category as yours, in our case decoration. A simple start to optimizing your website is to do keyword research for your content. You will know if there are many people searching for a specific keyword and how high the competition is.

– Interact through email , that your audience not only enters once, but also interacts with your website, for this it is good that you offer them content continuously, offers, etc. Staying in touch with those who have already visited your page helps you stay in the present for them and encourages them to visit you again. Get them to generate a sense of loyalty to your page.

– Advertise on social media , social media sites are a powerful tool to increase web traffic. If you use them wisely and effectively, it won’t be long before visitors flood your site. It is good that in your networks; add audiovisual content, use hashtags, (for example: #DecoraTuCasa), and choose the correct network for each audience, on Instagram there is not the same audience as on Facebook.

– Write quality content , it will help your visitors come back again and again to read the attractive content you publish every day. Also, if they like it, they will share the content for you.

– Make it useful and enjoyable for mobile use , the fact that mobile phones account for the bulk of all web traffic should be enough to answer why your website should be mobile friendly. If visitors have a bad mobile experience on your site, they may never come back. You will lose a large part of the potential traffic. Especially in decoration it is much more useful and comfortable to see yourself from your mobile.

What are the most important traffic channels?

Web traffic is the visits that come to our website. These are the most important:

Organic traffic is the number of visitors who enter a website after performing a search on Google or other search engines and clicking on one of the links on the results page. This example of web traffic can account for a very significant percentage of long-term visits. To achieve more organic traffic, you must apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Direct traffic , includes visitors from several different origins, they can be people who have directly typed the URL of your website in their browser bar, or who have saved the URL of your website in their favorites and have come across that way, or, finally, people who have clicked on a link in an unindexed document or in an email opened using email software.

Payment channel, this channel refers to visitors who have clicked through an advertising ad that has been paid, that is, the website pays for its website to be advertised in networks, or other pages, the good thing is that through this channel a lot of data is provided about your campaigns, for example, demographics and user interests.


The fundamental difference between SEO and SEM is cost of traffic. SEO positioning seeks to occupy high positions in the Organic SERPS (organic positions of the results within a search engine), while the SEM seeks to occupy the paid positions. This means that the traffic that enters organically is free, while the one that enters through SEM campaigns is paid, either by cost per click or cost per impression.

If we take a natural search in Google, the results will return 3 differentiated positions. The first will correspond to paid ads introduced through Google Adwords, which can occupy up to the first 4 results and whose cost will vary according to demand (through bids). The second position will correspond to the Google My Business positions .

Importance of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics It is very good to know what users visit, see and do within the website: For this, you can check metrics such as the bounce rate, which measures the visits that leave the web without having consulted its content, or the average number of pages visited each user per session. This is ideal for the one who owns a website, since this way he knows his target audience better to be able to create attractive content for them. Any web project needs to increase its traffic to achieve the main objectives set in its creation, such as subscriptions, sales, brand reach or to be known to a greater number of potential clients. In order to carry out more efficient digital marketing strategies, it is important to know all the aspects related to the website and about the users who visit it.


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