Google Updates What They Are And How They Impact

Google Updates What They Are And How They Impact

Google updates are commonly known as Google search engine algorithm updates . These updates change the search engine ranking criteria and therefore largely determine the content and technical requirements that a website must meet to achieve a good ranking.

The Google search engine constantly changes the parameters based on the order of the search results ( SERP, search engine results pages) Algorithms and updates define the criteria that a web page or blog must try to meet in order to appear at the top of a given query.

Since its inception, Google has revised and improved its search time and time again. In this way, the company tries to provide adequate answers to users’ questions in a simpler and faster way. With your updates, Google will continue to optimize its search algorithms and adapt to new ideas and environments. It has been tuning its search engine in increasingly specific ways to suit user behavior and has developed new ideas that can assess the value of web pages in a structured and meaningful way. If the page is positioned correctly following these algorithm it is easier to receive qualified traffic to your website .

Google update Some examples:

As a general rule of thumb, Google updates usually have a unique code name assigned directly by Google or derived from the (planned) effect of the update. These are some of the most important

Google panda

Panda Update is one of the most popular updates in the field of online marketing. Panda first appeared in early 2011 and has had a negative impact on many web pages. Panda prefers web pages with high-quality content , rather than web pages with lots of ads, repetitive content, or low-quality content. Until now, Google has been constantly developing Panda updates to accommodate constant algorithm changes.

Google penguin

With the help of Penguin Update, Google specifically targets Internet spam and over-optimized web pages. For example, Penguin will downgrade pages that contain the spam keyword or have an unnatural link structure. Currently, this version is being improved every day.

Google hummimberg

The Hummingbird update is an in-depth update to Google’s core algorithm. In Q3 2013, the basic search algorithm was replaced to allow search engines to match semantic search . After this update, the algorithm must be able to understand the semantics behind the search to provide better results.

Google Core

The Core Update is the latest algorithm update from Google. The objective of all these novelties is to optimize resources to grant positioning, analysis and indexing activities of different websites to obtain the best user experience. Most importantly, using the Google Core Update in June 2021 directly affects SEO rankings and search results or SERPs, so it is important to really understand the new features and how this update works to get the most out of it.

Tools to detect updates  

Typically, Google provides little information about its updates. It is why, after its launch, the experts analyze them to try to identify the changes that need to design your website .


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