Discover how LinkedIn Pulse helps you in your inbound marketing strategy

Discover how LinkedIn Pulse helps you in your inbound marketing strategy

There is no doubt that social networks have become the best allies of brands, such is the case of LinkedIn Pulse. A new alternative offered by this professional platform so that users have the possibility of continuing to build closer relationships.

In the business world this social network is widely used, since you can find highly valuable profiles . It is not intended for a specific sector, there is quality content for each market niche , which is why it is an excellent opportunity for companies.

So, if you use this digital platform or are interested in starting to work with it, you have to know everything that LinkedIn Pulse offers. The idea is that you can create a much more solid inbound marketing strategy , based on this new proposal.

Learn more about LinkedIn Pulse

Surely you have already heard about LinkedIn Pulse, it is a new functionality that allows users of this social network to write their own articles. In addition to being able to share the result with your contacts and also with the entire community.

This new proposal is very interesting, since people will have the opportunity to demonstrate their professional knowledge. And not only that, but it is also excellent for obtaining important insights for others. It should be noted that companies can use it, this can help them establish authority.

For example, if you publish good content on LinkedIn Press on the area of ​​activity of the company, it will help you reinforce the image of professionalism and mastery of the subject. This will bring in users and make them want to know more about your company and what you post.

Keep in mind that this new LinkedIn functionality works as a tool to apply content marketing strategies. In this social network it is also called inbound marketing, so it can end up being the best ally of your strategy.

Why use LinkedIn Pulse?

It is always important that you are clear about what a new tool can offer you, know it in depth before using it. Because this will help you know what you will find along the way and what it can contribute to your marketing strategies :

  • It will help you increase your reputation on LinkedIn, because by publishing your articles you will be working with a differential and highly valuable action. Long content allows you to extensively demonstrate your knowledge, and this makes your industry see your potential.
  • By having a good reputation you become a benchmark within your sector, and this in turn will boost sales.
  • Generate more visibility for your article, that’s why the social network decided to give Pulse a particular section to highlight them.
  • Ideal to improve your Social Selling Index, this index takes care of your positive results on the platform. He considers that it is one of the most important metrics of this social network, so he is interested in making it high.
  • It will be of great help to you to position yourself well in Google . Therefore, articles published on Pulse have a solid starting point to get a good ranking in the SERPs .

Use LinkedIn Pulse in your inbound marketing strategy

Without a doubt, LinkedIn Pulse is ideal for those looking for a position in the professional market. It is a way of demonstrating your potential to potential stakeholders through quality content. It also works for companies, but there is no version dedicated to them.

In that case, what you should do is position your company’s employees as representatives within LinkedIn. They will be in charge of making the publications on behalf of the company, that is, they will be the official spokespersons. So they must have some characteristics such as:

  • They have to be prominent employees within your company. For example, a post written by the Commercial Director may have more impact than an article published by a Sales Assistant.
  • The person you choose must have a high degree of engagement with your business. Remember that they will work with content that represents the brand within their personal profile of a social network.
  • The employee profile must be easy to associate with the company itself, so it must always be up-to-date.
  • It is essential that in the “Experience” section , name of the company, position, date of entry. As well as the location, description of the function and at least one link that leads to your company’s website.

Keys to success on Linkedin Pulse

You already know the essentials of LinkedIn Pulse, whether you are a professional user or want to use it as a business. But it is also important that you know some techniques that you can apply to be successful using this new functionality:

1.- Define the contents

The first thing you have to do is define what content you are going to publish. Make sure there is consistency between the articles published on this social network and the marketing strategy. This means that the content on LinkedIn and the content on the website or blog must be consistent.

You should also know that it cannot be a copy of the content published on your blog. Keep in mind that this can negatively affect the ranking of your page in search engines, remember that this is one of the principles of SEO .

If you want to publish the same content on both channels, what you can do is work on the same topics in both, but with different perspectives. Just keep in mind that on LinkedIn it will be shorter, while on the blog it will allow a deeper immersion.

2.- Create an editorial calendar

It is important that you organize yourself, it is not only about defining the guidelines that you are going to post on LinkedIn, but about creating an editorial calendar . But keep in mind that this also requires being aligned with the editorial calendar of the blog and other social networks.

This will give you the possibility to present interesting and valuable content to different types of audiences. And the best of all is that they can be disseminated through various channels.

3.- Work with a structure that impacts

Think about the structure that best suits the platform, remember that each space is worked in a different way. In the case of LinkedIn Pulse , high-performing long-form content has been proven to use the words: who, what, when, where, and how in headlines.

It should be noted that the list format also shows excellent results. In addition, you can also work with the trends in your industry, since they also found that they work well. This is because users are interested in learning more about the sectors.

4.- Use an attractive title

Your headline is the first thing your readers will see, so you have to write one that grabs their attention. It must be able to reflect the topic you are going to discuss so that users are encouraged to read the article. Consider that the optimal length for LinkedIn post headlines is 80-120 characters.

If you want to make sure that your titles are going to be really effective, then you can put them to the test in CoSchedule. Another option is the Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute, either tool is completely free.

5.- Write extensive publications

Users who consume content on this platform are usually professionals. Therefore, you are looking for much more in-depth articles, as currently the most read, linked and shared blog posts are the longest.

Today, articles are at least 1,600 words long, but LinkedIn posts need to be even longer. Keep in mind that the ones that receive the most views, likes, comments and shares, have an average of between 2,000 and 2,500 words.

6.- Create easy-to-read content

As they are more extensive content, it is essential that you make them pleasing to the eye. Think that readers scan it beforehand, so you should focus on making it easy to read. To do this, you can apply bulleted lists and shorter paragraphs.

It is also recommended that you use subtitles that give a correct preview for the paragraphs that follow them. In this case it is the same as with the headlines, the shorter and clearer they are, the greater their success will be.

7.- Add images that encourage participation

Not everything is pure text, remember that today’s consumer opts for more visual content. That is why it is so important that you add images, as these are capable of capturing attention and generating more shares, likes and views on LinkedIn .

It is recommended to use a new image every three to five paragraphs. Remember that they are much longer articles and this visual element helps to lighten the reading, since it makes a very aesthetic cut in the text.


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